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Just Launched! A
NEW Kind of doll

Creating Memories one box at a time
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Get ready for memory making magic
It is so exciting knowing that something special is being prepared just for you!


Kids LOVE mail!
They will be over the moon to get their package in the mail!

Make memories

We designed each component to be collectible and to be enjoyed for years and years to come.

Meet the Joyful Jenny Full Kit

Joyful Jenny Doll


Charm Bracelet

Bucket List

Recipe Card


Chatter Box Cards

Sticker Sheet

Why choose Maple Box Kids?

Women are changing the way business is done by creating more thoughtful and deeply personal brands. My business aims to turn the tide towards connection, too. Specifically, strengthening the connections within families.

Eco Friendly

Only biodegradable and
eco-sensitive materials used.


We source from factories
that support women.


Just enjoy the moment!

Dolls That

Our dolls are made to look like
the children that play with them.


Join a community that
supports each other.

Because RELATIONSHIPS are lifes greatest journey