Adorable Hand Sewn DIY Doll Bed Activity - Maple Box Kids

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Adorable Hand Sewn DIY Doll Bed Activity

July 11, 2019

Adorable Hand Sewn DIY Doll Bed Activity

DIY Hand Sewn Doll Bed Maple Box Kids

I have the CUTEST activity for you today.  Your doll needs a special place to sleep and our guest creator Eliza (9) has put together a super fun and easy hand sewn doll bed tutorial complete with throw pillows, a blanket and a rug!  

She dreamt up this little piece of genius all on her own.  I was so surprised when she showed up with her Joyful Jenny doll and this adorable bed set.  

Lets dig in!! 

You will need 

  • 3 pieces of material - any color or pattern.  Eliza chose a fun polka dot and dream catcher pattern
  • Bag of rice
  • Sewing needle
  • Heavy Thread

First Eliza made the main bed:

She started with 2 identical pieces of fabric each 5" wide by 12" long.

She placed the fabric back to back (outside pattern side touching each other and the inside facing out. 

She then began a basic stitch with her heavy thread and needle all the way around the permiter leaving only 2" of space - ( you will need this space to add the rice) 

She then carefully turned her bed inside out by using her fingers to grasp an inside corner and then flipping the bag right side in.

Then she opened her bag of rice and filled the fabric through the 2" hole until it was completely full.  

She then sewed up the hole and tied off the thread. 

Eliza also made a sheet:

She made the sheet using one piece of matching fabric that was 5" x 12"

She used a wrapping technique around the entire perimeter using the thread and needle to give the blanket a finished look! 

Main pillow and throw pillows

Eliza then made a pillow and a few throw pillows (1 square and 1 round) by using the same technigue that she used to create the bed. 

The pillows are:

Pillow 1 - 4" x 2"

Throw Pillow 1 - 3" x 3"

Throw Pillow 2 - 3" round

Lastly she made a rug

Eliza used a different pattern of fabric and made a little rug for her doll be by simply sewing two pieces of fabric together exactly the same way she made the bed but instead of filling with rice after turning it right side in, she just sewed up the hole. 



I would LOOOOVEE to see what you all come up with!! I am so excited to see you make this fun project with your littles for Joyful Jenny! 



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