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FAQ's - Definitely Let Me know If You Have More Questions!

June 24, 2019 1 Comment

FAQ's - Definitely Let Me know If You Have More Questions!

 I heard you have a subscription, when will that start?

As of June 2019, we are set to launch the Subscription August 1st 🌟.  It will include Jofyful Jenny outfits, charms, recipes, chatterbox cards, a craft and the monthly bucket list 

When will the next doll come out?

SOON!  Everyone who bought Joyful Jenny will get to participate in a poll this week that determines which doll comes out next and an opportunity to pre buy.  She will take about 90 days to to arrive

What characters do you have?

We have 12 total and will be releasing each doll with her special book and her kit one by one. 

Do you have different ethnicities?

We do! We have many different ethnicities including African American, Asian American, Native American and more, and they all have really spectacular stories that teach emotional IQ 

If I purchase Joyful Jenny am I automatically signed up for a subscription?

Nope!  You will have the option in August 2019 to sign up for a the fun subscription pack 

What will be included in the subscription?

The subscription will have a Universal Fit Maple Box Kids doll outfit (they will fit all the dolls in our line) a charm for their charm bracelet, a short story, a craft, a recipe, chatter box cards and a bucket list with stickers and magnet

What are the dolls and clothes made of, are they cruelty free?

They are cotton and rayon and 100% cruelty free

If I did a subscription, could I change the address each month.

You definitely could but you would have to set up an alarm to change the address manually before each shipment went out. 

Can I skip a month without cancelling?

Yes definitely! That can all be done easily when you log into your account

Will I receive a new bracelet with each doll or only with the first doll and then a charm with each proceeding doll order.  

Every doll Kit will have the option the include the whole bracelet or only the charm.   If you are adding to your collection we will also be offering each doll with only her book. 

Can you do a quarterly subscription of the dolls?  Each month seems too much.

Our original plan was to offer a doll a month with her kit, but we listened to our moms and they preferred doll kits that they can buy one time as needed/wanted and then sign up for the universal subscription that includes outfits that will fit all the dolls in our line, a charm for their charm bracelet, a craft, a recipe, chatterbox cards and a monthly bucket list 

Will every doll come with an extra outfit?

Only pre purchased doll kits will come with an additional outfit as a special thank you/perk

When can we hope for the next doll?

ASAP! I will be releasing a poll this week and all of our supporters will get to choose the next doll that is released.  I will also have other exciting clothes and hair accessory packs

Will there be new outfits or accessories coming in the future? 

Yes!  I will be begin releasing limited edition clothes and accessory packs only to our Joyful Jenny owners soon!

When do you expect to get the boys?

The boys will be last as they will require a whole new mold which takes alot of money and alot of time 

Will the dolls be different shapes and sizes

They are all the same size.  Their clothes and hair and facial features will change based on their ethnicity and story

Will the clothing fit the other dolls? 

Yes!  All the clothing will be universal fit so you can interchange between dolls 

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Stella Wilson
Stella Wilson

August 04, 2019

I’m trying to find recommended age ranges – thanks !

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