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Millennial's Answer To The Toys "R" Us Bankruptcy.

March 21, 2018

Millennial's Answer To The Toys

As a mom, and as a millennial......  I have alot of thoughts on the Toys "R" Us Bankruptcy. 

I can count on one hand the number of times I have been to Toys "R" Us in the last 10 years.... (and I bet you can too)

Two.... two times.... and both times I was not happy about it.

I'm a mom and I truly hated going to Toys "R" Us.

What mother wants to load up the kids and drive to an overwhelmingly ginormous store filled with shelves and shelves and shelves of thousands upon thousands upon thousands of toys?

Entering a Toys “R” Us with a child in tow is a guaranteed way to dedicate the next 20 minutes of one’s life to saying no to an ever-escalating series of requests. The best way I knew to avoid this, was to avoid this.  

And here's something, both times I went it was totally empty of shoppers.  Obviously I was not the only one with this sentiment.

Are there delicious, handcrafted coffee drinks being served there?


Are there magical unicorns that are going to grant my every wish?


Is this experience going to improve my life in some way shape or form?


Uuuhhh, because that is what it is going to take to get me motivated to leave my couch and come visit your store with children when I have Amazon and Target... both of which are magical entities that I truly adore.

If I have zero incentive to go WAY out of my way, and pull into a hot parking lot in some strip mall somewhere then you can bet your last dollar that I am not stopping

....and I am not shopping.

No Coffee, no shoppey, K?

Rule number one: Make mom happy.

"But think of the kids, they will lose out on a beautiful childhood memory..."

You don't understand, kids shop differently these days.... they watch youtube, they have their favorite kid youtube stars who rate and demonstrate toys and then kids message mom the amazon link and then mom buys it.

The last place that they want to be is indoors in a vast poorly lit store listening to mom say "no" over and over.  Overwhelm.

After a full day of work, there’s dinner to be served, baths to be had, stories to be read.  Squeezing in a trip to the store is often impossible. 

Moms are tired of toys 

They are tired of cleaning up bins and bins of toys that somehow accumulate over the course of years and birthdays and christmass.  And get this; 90% of toys are never played with after the first week.  They are merely strewn about in a never-ending cycle of clean up and throw about.  

Moms (and millennials) want to connect with powerful brands that move them and make them say "this is so me!"


Here are my top 5 favorite brands

They are run mainly by women founders and I am wildly loyal to them.  Their message makes me feel good, they source from sustainable sources, they have thoughtfully created something that I really resound with and their product adds value to my life. 

It is really very simple.  The next generation of consumers want to deeply connect with the brand they are buying from.  It is not difficult to lead from the heart as a brand but it does take THOUGHT.  

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