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Our New Logo's Are More Than What Meets The Eye

April 09, 2018 5 Comments

Our New Logo's Are More Than What Meets The Eye

Logo's are logos right? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Nooooooo, well at least in our case that answer is nooooo.... the amount of detail, thought and love that went into the creation of our new logos and branding is BEYOND! 

I contacted Aeolidia to help us rebrand for our relaunch in the Summer 2018.  Sarah is a designer for Aeolidia who came out of maternity leave to create our new re brand because she loved our story so much!!!

I am SO. GLAD. she did!  We are now FB buds and even though she lives on the other side of the world in Australia we just sort of get each other.

SO.... We started in February 2018 and it took two months of full-time deliberation and hundreds and hundreds of words and thoughts and ideas exchanged and a Pinterest board that would knock your socks off. 

 Suffice to say, it is basically pure love poured out onto paper and into the design.  

Here are a few of the questions that I answered to kick off the design project:

(Screenshot of our project messenger)

This was a really great foundation for Sarah to start with because it set the tone for what I wanted the look of our brand to convey, what I wanted someone to FEEL when they interacted with us, wether on our website, social media channels or with our boxes.  

Sarah asked me about our old logo and what I loved/didn't love about it:

(Screenshot of our project messenger)


 Here are a few excerpts of Sarah's notes back to me..  

(Screenshot of our project messenger)

And to me, connection was everything! 

This was my response:

That blurb right there is what sent Sarah off on a tangent.  We were kicking around the idea of a treehouse... but it just felt kind of empty... 

 Which gave me even more insight! 


Which gave way to the very first illustration that I saw and it was just so emotion evoking! 

 From there, each and every element.... from the stars, to the maple leaves just came together into a design that just spoke so much love joy and magic!

Our Why 

“Because relationship are life greatest journey”
“Because there is no greater love than a child's love”
“Because life is short, but childhood is shorter ”
“Because it just feels good "


I wanted to share a bit about the constellations too: 

 Astounding right?

The constellations are just. so. powerful....

And now, the sunburst.....

Here are some photos of all of the branding that you will see all over our collateral and website and more! 

So, when you look at our branding (the sparkles, the leaves, the mom and daughter, the constellations.... (all of it) let them fill you with joy and love and remind you that relationships are life greatest journey.


Love, Shauna

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5 Responses


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April 11, 2018

Miranda, THANK YOU! I appreciate your support and comments more than you know. It is such a labor of love, but mostly love. But it is people like you, who are kind-hearted and understanding.. that make it even possible at all!

Miranda Waddill
Miranda Waddill

April 11, 2018

Perfect indeed! The illustration depicts touching time together. My tears have flowed reading through your heart. As backers, we have no idea of the depth of your blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into this project. I know that I have missed several updates and been left bewildered before now. After reading this blog, you have shown me a new sense of compassion, commitment, and creativity to delve deeper into my own business planning. Thank you for your steadfast vision and uncompromising values. I believe that your success will be a legacy for generations to come!

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