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🌿 Want To Be truly Zen? Try This.

April 04, 2018

🌿 Want To Be truly Zen? Try This.

Stress is a reeeeeallly annoying little thing isn't it?  Sometimes you become so used to its presence that you aren't even consciously aware of it, but it manifests itself through our attitudes and our ability to really enjoy a moment.  

Wouldn't it be so nice to leave behind stress and all of its cousins; frustration, irritability, overwhelm-ment that results in us feeling rushed, being short, or having that yucky tight feeling in our gut.  

Ahh, to just be able to relax and love the mess and the activities, and the questions (never-ending questions, right? haha)  

I am going to teach you how I retrained my perspectives and expectations that helped me release a whhooooolllle lot of stress.  


1) Change your perspective and expectation:

A perspective is simply the catalyst (information tube)  between a subject and you.  It is your THOUGHT on that subject. 

An expectation is what you feel you deserve from a situation.

A perspective/expectation together produces an emotion/state of being.

After I 
realized that, it was easy to see that you can have literally thousands of perspectives and expectations on just one subject just by changing the way you think about it....  

This was life-changing for me.   Every time I felt stress, I would immediately think about the perspective/expectation I was having on the situation I was in when the stress occurred and I would then "try on" a different perspective/expectation until I found one that brought relief.  

For example; I feel stressed when I am focused on doing something (like cleaning, or cooking) and my4 year old repeatedly interrupts my train of thought with questions, and remarks and thoughts of his own.  
 I hated feeling stressed in that moment and I hated giving him a short irritated answer as a result.  He deserved better, and so did I. 


Old perspective:  I have to get this done by 7 PM or the world falls apart
Old expectation:  I have a right to clean and cook in peace. 

New perspective: It's really not a big deal if I don't get the dishes done
New Expectation: It is my privilege and joy to get to field questions and thoughts from my four-year-old.  What a beautiful thing. 

Now, once you take on a new perspective and expectation it takes a little time to get used to it until it becomes second nature.  But I promise you, it will become easier and easier until it just becomes who you are and you are going to experience a lot of relief from stress as a result.

2) Set yourself and your kids up for success:

I like to sleep in.  Like, LOVE to sleep in.  Many mornings I would sleep all the way until Cruz came in and tapped me on the shoulder or I would hear Mav in his crib crying around 8:30 AM.

Recipe for disaster...

I was doing the both of us a huge disservice.  By the time I would wake up, they are already hungry and need drinks and cuddles.  Me not being prepared by bringing them downstairs hungry THEN starting breakfast was setting them up for failure (and me) 

So, I had to change my routine.  That meant waking up 30 mins before them and coming downstairs and getting everything ready.. bottles, breakfast, blankets, and shows. 

Just preparing the night before and the morning of brought a huge amount of relief and ZEN back into my day.  No more whining and crying and begging for food while I am frantically cooking and prepping.  

No more melt downs at my feet on the kitchen floor while I rush through breakfast prep.

Just a whole lot less stress and time to enjoy the moment. 

Speaking of moments, how are yours going?  I would love to hear some of your biggest stressors. 

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