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Why I Decided to Start a Doll Company

April 23, 2018 8 Comments

Why I Decided to Start a Doll Company

Some may not find this very interesting, but some like to know all the details behind a story and I am pretty open in sharing my life and thoughts and why's.  

So here goes! 

Before Maple Box Kids I started and owned a floral company "Arrangements Floral Studio".  It was challenging, fun, creative, it made great money;  lots of good things.  I would do 2 - 3 weddings a weekend at times.  My mom worked with me and my brothers.  SO fun! 

Shauna Altes

So when I initially was dreaming up ideas for a new company, the ideas weren't for me!  They were for my sister.  At the time she was experiencing a terrible separation that led to a divorce and with two little kids and one on the way I wanted her to have her own little business.  I wanted her to have something she could run out of her garage.  A subscription type company so that as a stay at home mom she would have some stability and something to look forward to, and some cash flow.  I wanted to take her mind off of what was going on.

I kept a running list of ideas in my notes section on my phone and when I would have an idea I would type it in there for her.  

The idea for the doll came after watching a youtube video of a woman in Australia who was wiping all the makeup off of Bratz dolls and repainting them to look like sweet little girls!  The woman made it clear that she wasn't going into manufacturing but would only hand make 10 - 20 dolls a month and they were $100 a piece!  

Why aren't doll like this available?!? Why are "Bratz" our only option??

The dolls she repainted were so so beautiful and sweet and my mind just started running!  A subscription based doll company!! YES!

I would LOVE to see that on the market.   I would love to see sweet wholesome dolls represented on the store shelves and in peoples homes.  I couldn't believe this wasn't available!

So then I sat down with my mom and dad and started brainstorming HOW we could make it the best subscription service on the face of the planet! 

"Let's add a bracelet", "lets add a book," "lets add a craft..." "Lets teach emotional IQ" "Lets make the crafts STEM"

My sister, although she loved the idea, decided early on that it just wasn't for her; I understood completely. 

But I kind of fell in love with it!  

I loved the idea of having dolls that were sweet and just beautiful that you would fall in love with and that looked like the little girls that played with them.  

I loved the idea of writing books and creating characters with back stories.  Characters that I could relate to and that I would walk into a store and think "ahhh, I have to have this doll!!"

I loved the prospect of having a doll that could be played with all day and be able to stand up to the rigors of kids! 

(Photo: my sis and I doing our first interview)

I literally had NO idea how to start a physical products company.  I had never worked with factories or designers on that kind of level.  Ever!

But the challenge was thrilling!   

I love business, I love being charmed by fun products and fun experiences and so I wanted to CREATE something that would charm.  

Thank God for passion.  That is the only thing that got me through at times...  Many road blocks.  The biggest being money.  I had no idea how expensive it was to start a physical products company.   Artwork for books costs thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars.  Custom molds for the doll bodies cost more than a brand new car! Buying the minimum amount you are allowed to buy from a factory can easily run $10,000 per item.  And we had over 5 items in our box! 

But, not once did I ever think "I'm going to give up"  I just couldn't.  I loved it so much and there were so many people who were counting on me.  And so many who were in love with it too.  

Joyful Jenny

So why did I start a doll company?  

Because the world deserves fun dolls that look like the little girls and boys that play with them!

Because the way we, as consumers,  interact with products and companies is changing!  

Because we want companies that we can fall in love with and support and feel connected to. 

Because we want to collect experiences and memories and not just things! 

Because I feel a passion in the pit of my belly!  

Maple Box Kids

Will you join me?

We are launching this SUMMER 2018 only to our email subscribers and will sell out very quickly! 

Be the first to own the very first authentic Maple Box Kid doll "Joyful Jenny"  and join the joy movement! 


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Will Jenny be available in other ethnicities with different hair colors instead of only blonde? Thank you.


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