Why Our New Name? - Maple Box Kids

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Why Our New Name?

April 05, 2018 3 Comments

Why Our New Name?

Many of you who have been with us from the start in 2015 know that we started out as Maple Box Dolls.

This last year we pivoted a bit so that we could add more products later on down the road and not be limited to just dolls.  Our core product hasn't changed at. all.  We have just enhanced it! 


As far as the word Maple and Box: I really wanted to capture the essence of a magical childhood, and in my mind what is more wholesome and magical than a kid swinging and climbing on a breezy spring afternoon in a Maple tree! 

 🥞I chose a maple tree (as opposed to pine tree for example) because to me it invokes memories of syrupy sweet smelling pancakes at the breakfast table when you were a kid (and our product includes recipes) and we use the word "Box"  because we are a subscription based business and our product is delivered in a box to your door. 

I also chose the word Maple because it invokes the feeling of organic, natural well being. 🌿

We create powerful and meaningful memories and experiences through the only way that science has proven to work  - songs, books, crafts, cooking, challenges, exploring with an older adult loved one. 

Our products are meticulously and thoughtfully made.

We combine a monthly subscription model with dolls, books, recipes and crafts.  

Our dolls are not the cheap plastic mass manufactured junk that you find in retail stores that winds up on the floor in two minutes and having to be cleaned up day after day. 

Our dolls are twice the weight of barbie, toxin free, zero impact to the earth (meaning totally biodegradable)🌟

✨Magic magic magic - we want parents to believe in magic.  We want to encourage parents to push the boundaries of what childhood looks like the past 5 generations.  

Our product is FOR kids.... but APPEALS to women.  We want our brand to be interesting to women.  Not just a kids toy company.  

We are a call to become more childlike - to enjoy childhood along WITH your child. To be more present, to be kinder to yourself. 

SO our name had to encapsulate all of that, HAHA!  Tall order to fill let me tell ya!

I believe Maple Box Kids does a beautiful job ❤️



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