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About us

Hey there!

Shauna here =)

I would love to share a quick story about where we came from and where we are going!

We were founded in 2015 with the idea of a subscription boxed DOLL company for little girls aged 4 - 9 

(See our video here) 

I was really disappointed in the doll options available for my niece and I have ALWAYS wanted to write children's stories. 

So I set out to create a doll line that represented as many ethnicities as I could, and that LOOKED like the little girls who played with them. 

We launched a kickstarter and raised 150% of our goal! 

(See the kickstarter campaign here)

We are in the process of getting manufacturing for the dolls but in the mean time we launched our craft and story time podcast subscription! 

Family time is at the heart of everything we do with Maple Box Dolls and we try to make it as easy as possible on parents who are stretched thin!

Stay tuned for the release of future dolls, join us on FB Live for live product demonstrations and giveaways, follow us on Instagram for fun recipes and watch out for the next doll to be released! 

Here are some FAQ's



 Where did the name Maple Box Dolls come from?

Well, I (Shauna) feel there is nothing more iconic to childhood than a kid swinging in a great big maple tree! (hence our logo ? ) It feels organic, and magical so I fell in love with it!  The "box" portion comes from the fact that our products include subscription  services. And of course the "Dolls" portion is a representation of our characters.